The increase demands on buying cars let our company adopt the aims of car protection against open air circumstances, this protection can be achieved only through producing a suitable cover for each car that provides the highest degree of protection.
Top Cover Egypt CO. has begun its activities since 2000. It has specified at the field of car covers that is used for both protecting car and advertising purposes.
As car covers maintain the car against the environmental conditions, we are concerned with each minor detail in our production.
We are interested in producing an appropriate cover for each car model.
We are providing an easy advertising tool that characterized by less expenses by putting the advertisement on the car cover.
Our Vision:
We are Top Cover Egypt CO. specialized at producing high quality car covers, bags, promotional materials.
We have got an appropriate share of the domestic market and look forward to a sufficient share of the international one through our ability of achieving customer's needs.
Our Mission:
We are Top Cover Egypt CO. existing at The Egyptian market since 2000, specialized at producing car covers, bags and promotional materials of high quality.
We seek to be a pioneer organization in our field through the accurate understanding and continuous connection with our customers to introduce products meet their needs.
Our Clients in Egypt:
- Mercedes Benz
  • EGA "Egyptian German Automotive
    (Mercedes Factory).
  • Cairo-National-Automotive.
    (Original Distributor).
  • Alexandria-National-Automotive.
    (Original Distributor).
  • Maadi-Engineering-Cars. (Original Distributor).
  • Giza-National-Automotive.
    (Original Distributor).
  • Bavarian Auto Group (BMW Factory).
- Toyota
  • Toyota Egypt (Original Distributor).
  • Egyptian-International-Trading-and-Agencies.
- Renault
  • Egyptian-International-Motors
    (Original Distributor).
- Subaru
  • Abo ghaly motors (Original Distributor).
- Speranza
  • Abou Ghaly Motors (Original Distributor).
- Honda
  • Nile Trading and Engineering Company
    (Original Distributor).
Participating at Qatar Motor show (2011).

Participating at Formula Al Ahram (2011)

Participating at Automechanika

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