General Features:
- Suitable size for each car model.
- The materials of the covers suit with all the external features.
- Easy to use and has light weight.
- Easy to store.
- Fixation of the coversis guarantied.
- Variety of colors and materials.
Special Features:
- It safe some parts from breaking.
- Using of light reflectors to avoid night accidents.
- Special places to put data about car & its owner.
- zipper for easy entrance.
The Most Important Impacts Of The Covers According To Customers:
- Easy usage and light weight.
- It does not affect the Paint of the car.
- Protection of the car from the external environmental conditional.
- Suitable covers for the size and shapes of the cars.
- Covers can easily store in a special package.
The Most Important Impacts Of The Covers For Advertiser:
- It helps to reduce the budget of advertisement.
- The advertising message can easily attain to the indented sector.
- This tool help the advertiser to measure the effectiveness of the advertisement.
- This tool considers as a roaming advertising tool.
Participating at Qatar Motor show (2011).

Participating at Formula Al Ahram (2011)

Participating at Automechanika

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